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Headache Stop – TMJ/TMD

The joint of the jaw (TMJ) must withstand forces up to 200 lbs. To stay pain free it is critical that the ball of the jaw (condyle) hinge on the forward part of its socket (fossa). If the hinge point is toward the rear of the socket (fossa) three problems will occur.1. Critical nerves will be pinched and major blood vessels to the brain will be obstructed when squeezed between the ball of the jaw joint (condyle) and the ear canal.

2.The cartilage for the socket (fossa) is positioned at the front of the joint only, leaving the rear hinge point with no cartilage protection.

3.The bone at the rear of the socket (fossa) is not strong enough to withstand the forces of chewing without pain.

tmjProperly positioned TMJ (Jaw Joint) has a natural space between ball (condyle) and ear canal brings relief from migraine headache pain.
To eliminate TMJ Syndrome and headache pain, the lower jaw is brought forward (non-surgically) using a removable “snap in” appliance. The appliance reestablishes the natural space at the rear of the joint and allows the ball (condyle) to hinge on the cartilage at the front of the socket (fossa). Using a snap-in appliance makes surgery for TMJ unnecessary, except in rare cases. Many times surgery can make TMJ headache pain worse and often is not a long-term solution.

The 10 Symptoms of TMJ Syndrome

  1. Clicking & popping of the joint (TMJ).
    Cause: Lack of cartilage at the rear hinge point.

  2. Grinding sounds.
    Cause: Irregular bone surface at rear hinge point.

  3. Headaches and migraine headache.
    Cause: Pressure of ball (condyle) of joint pushing on weak bone structure at rear of joint.

  4. Dizziness
    Cause: Lack of blood flow to brain when blood vessels are obstructed.

  5. Ringing in the ears
    Cause: Pressure on ear canal.

  6. Excessive wear on teeth
    Cause: Subconscious effort to eliminate misalignment of jaw joint (TMJ) by changing shape of teeth by grinding.

  7. Severe pain all over head
    Cause: Pinching of nerves by ball of jaw hinging at rear of socket (fossa).

  8. Pain in neck
    Cause: Unknown, however most TMJ suffers experience it.

  9. Earache
    Cause: pressure on ear canal.

  10. Sensitivity to light
    Cause: Unknown.

Patients who have been treated for years for migraine headache pain and have typically spent tens of thousands of dollars on MRI studies, drugs and other therapy with little or no improvement. Using the snap-in appliance can sometimes provide relief from migraine headache pain.

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