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Dr. Estler at Smile Like the Stars offers multiple options for dental whitening.  One is the easy In-Office KOR Procedure using a specialized professional strength whitening gel to brighten the patient’s teeth in about one hour. Home Whitening can be done either using custom made dental whitening trays with a professional strength whitening gel, or the very popular Opalesence Go disposable whitening kits, again using a professional strength whitening gel.  Our trained staff can help you find the best whitening options for your teeth.

Dr. Estler can create the perfect smile with Porcelain Veneers and Crowns or Lumineers which are about as thick as a contact lens and are placed over the teeth with minimal to no preparation of the teeth. Patients with stained, broken, or out of place teeth can get a beautiful smile with Lumineers or porcelain veneers and crowns.  The investment in a beautiful smile is life changing for our patients. Dr. Estler offers many affordable financing options for any cosmetic dental choice.

Dr. Carl Estler at Smile Likes the Stars provides comprehensive family dentistry as well as orthodontic treatment, oral surgery, cosmetic veneers and TMJ therapy.  Temporomandibular Joint Therapy is treatment to relieve headaches and pain due to the jaw joint.