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FREE Oral B Electric Toothbrush with Orthondic Treatment before August 31st

Katy TX Orthodontics

Straight teeth not only look great, but also help keep your teeth healthy. Dr. Estler provides orthodontic care to children and adults regardless of age. Flexible scheduling and expanded office hours mean you can schedule your orthodontic treatments after work or school for your convenience.

Speedbraces – The Speedbraces technique straightens your teeth in about half the time of more traditional braces. Dr. Estler uses specially designed brackets that exert gentle, consistent pressure to quickly aligning your teeth.

Clear Brackets – If you don’t want metal brackets and would prefer a less noticeable approach to straightening your teeth, Dr. Estler offers clear brackets. These ceramic brackets are almost invisable and offer a great alternative for anyone that has concerns with the look of metal brackets.

Invisable Braces – If wearing brackets is not for you, Dr. Estler also offers E-Aligners; clear trays that straighten the teeth without brackets.

Not sure if Orthodontic Treatment is right for you?  Our consultations with Dr. Estler are no cost to you.

Fill out our easy contact form to schedule an appointment or call our office at 281-579-7222. We hope to meet you soon.

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